Well, we have some bad news for all of you fans of Halloween and Haunted houses.
The Haunted Winery has been shut down by the Farmington City Council. So unfortunately we will be closed indefinitely. We are sad that this is happening but we need to follow the rules, even if we disagree with them. The past couple of weeks were awesome and we meet (and scared) some really cool people. Hopefully we can find a way to re-open but until that time, we will be closed. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes anyone.
The Haunted Winery


9 thoughts on “The Haunted Winery

  1. Went here last night with some friends… It was great.! I’d go again for sure. Scary asf. Kinda short & sweet. Def worth the money. ! 😀

  2. I was so disappointed! I had a party of 15 and we were ready for a spectacular time all to find out when we got there that the place was shut down by the city. I really hope they open up because it looks super fun.

    1. There is no fire sprinklers in the haunted house, The Historic Winery, the Warner Mansion and the Civic Theater in Farmington are “grandfathered in” when it comes to this law. The Warner Mansion and the Civic Theater are owned by the city of Farmington…and are still operating.

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